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At fifteen, Jamie Murphy finds herself broken and alone, convinced she doesn't need anyone. 
Until she does.

Bear is the boy behind the fence, the one who was there for her when no one else was. 
Until he's not.

Left with nothing, Jamie joins the army hoping it will give her purpose. The last thing she expects is the best friend from her past to reappear in the dusty plains of a war-torn country. No longer the boy she once knew, Bear is now a man: big, bearded, and SAS—one of the army’s elite.

Soon Jamie finds herself not only fighting against her enemies, but her feelings for a man who left her once before. Can she risk losing him all over again?

Fighting Absolution is a 130k friends to lovers romance. It features characters from Fighting Redemption, but is written as a standalone.

You don't have to have read Fighting Redemption in order to read this title. However, should you wish to read both books, then it is suggested you read Fighting Redemption first.

Fighting Absolution

SKU: 9780648123651
  • Item: Paperback item

    Length: 423 pages

    Size: 6 x 9 in

  • Ships domestic and internationally from Australia.

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