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Genre: Sports Romance

Pages: TBA

Release Date: TBA

Price (USD ebook): $TBA

Series: The Coaches of Colton U

the beautiful game


Coach Diaz flares his nostrils. "Are you done with wasting my time?"
That feels like a challenge. "Not in the least."
"That's too bad, because I have no time left for you." With a nod, he turns and walks away.
I'm dismissed, and more riled than a snake being poked by a stick. "If you want to talk about wasting time," I shout to his back, "I waited half an hour for you yesterday, without even the courtesy of a phone call to let me know you couldn't make our appointment. You're not the only one here who has a job to do!"
Coach Diaz stops for a single beat before he turns and walks back toward me, every step measured, the glint in his eye calculating and scary. I tilt my head upward and squint against the sun in my eyes.
"The difference between you and I, Miss James, is that I'm getting my job done."

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32 years old.

The new guidance counsellor at Colton Park University, Texas.

Stubborn, smart, spirited.

The game plan: provide guidance for all student athletes, even if it means getting in his way.


36 years old.

Coach of the best college soccer team in the country.

Fiery, arrogant, superior.

A retired great.

Listed by Forbes as one of the twenty best soccer players of all time.

The game plan: win at all costs, even if it means getting her fired.

Neither counted on love getting in the way of the game.